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Online showcase visit to Caviro: a successful story in the Italian winery sector

On the 27 of June 2022, COOPID Ambassadors visited online Caviro, the most extensive wine cooperative in Italy. Caviro was founded in 1966 and currently counts 567 employees.

The cooperative produces a variety of wines, exported to more than 70 countries, and it is committed to sustainability and circularity. Its business model transforms agri-food by-products into high-value products (for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc…) and makes use of primary production wastes to produce bioenergy and natural fertilisers.

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About Caviro

Caviro is an Italian cooperative (12.000 members) built on a circular model providing different ecosystem services. The key activity of the company is the commercialization of wine supplied by its members. The Group is also committed to the recovery of by-products derived from the wine and from other agri-food chains which are transformed into biomethane and products for the food, pharmaceutical and agriculture sectors. Moreover, the energy used in all the production processes is green and it allows energy self-sufficiency.

Event details

During the visit, about 60 attendees had the opportunity to discover the two business lines of Caviro: the wine commercialisation line and the wine residues valorisation and the circular economy process business line. After a short presentation of the global process of the cooperative and a presentation of the COOPID project, an online tour of the facilities where the wine transformation processes are developed took place.

The visit was organised starting with the point of view of the shareholders (explaining how the cooperative works with its wine producers), and then moving on to the downstream value chain. The sustainable strategy of the cooperative was presented in detail, explaining social and environmental issues faced, the FSC label, the Tetra Pak, the energy strategy and the carbon footprint.

Besides, during the part of the visit that focused on the valorisation business line, attendees discovered all the products that can be obtained from wine residues, covering products for the food industry, health, cosmetics, chemistry and energy sectors.

All in all, the visit was an opportunity for COOPID ambassadors and attendees to open their eyes to the use of agricultural residues not only for food or energy but also for products with a higher and more complex value chains.

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