The organisations that make the COOPID project possible

Bioeconomy across the EU

To deploy its 4 Level Knowledge Transfer Strategy, COOPID counts with a strong team of project partners, networks of relevant organisations (CBC) and a series of relevant primary producers that act as project ambassadors. 

COOPID Project partners

In total, the project counts with 11 project partners from 10 different EU countries:

Agri-food Cooperatives Spain is the organization that represents and defends the economic and social interests of the Spanish agri-food cooperative movement.

Innovarum is a Spanish company created in 2013 with the overall aim of fostering innovation and knowledge exchange in the agri-food sector.

GreenFlex works sin 2009 to develop operational, sustainable solutions.

Founded in 1088, Universita Di Bologna is known as the oldest University of the western world. UNIBO is very active both at National and European level in all research areas.

GAIA was founded in 2014 as a result of a broad coalition between farmers & agri-cooperatives that have teamed up with partners from the IT and the banking sector, sharing a common vision of a more sustainable Greek agriculture

AUP was established in 1945. It is a national centre of agricultural science and education in Bulgaria and a leading institution in proving competences in agricultural business, science and education.

Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute (IERiGZ-PIB/IAFE-NRI) is a Polish independent scientific and research organisation with nearly 70 years of achievements and experiences in analysing the rural economy.

Munster Technological University counts with a community of 100 researchers engaged in research activities focused on valorisation of bioresources, providing solutions for companies

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark (FBCD) is a non-profit cluster management organisation, science park, incubator and project organisation with nationwide coverage and headquarters located in the Central Denmark Region.

ProAgria is a Finnish expert organization founded in 1970 that provides an extensive network of specialists and a wide range of services and know-how to develop competitiveness in rural entrepreneurs.

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COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters (CBC)

COOPID works through a network of 10 COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters (CBC). A CBC is a network of different entities within one European country (primary producers, public sector bodies, industry & business entities, academia & research) formed with the aim of collaboration towards achieving the overall objective of the COOPID project – wider adoption of bio-based business models in the European primary production sector.

Each CBC is formed by a CBC head (project partner) and at least five COOPID collaborators.

COOPID Ambassadors

COOPID selects primary producers & representants from the COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters to act as “COOPID Ambassadors”.

Would you like to be a COOPID Ambassador?

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