The primary producer in COOPID

Primary producers have a key role in the COOPID project, they are at the core of our activity! Bellow, key areas of interest for primary producers addressed by the project:

Now, would you like to participate in the project?

If you are a primary producer or an active agent in the sector, this is what you can do depending on how much time you can dedicate:

  1. You want to take part in visits to successful organisations across Europe, travel and talk about the project to your network: you could be a great COOPID Ambassador!
  2. You would like to learn about what the project does and the key learnings from the visits, but you don’t have time to travel or engage much. No problem, explore the materials and resources we are producing!
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The bigger picture: COOPID and the bioeconomy

The bigger picture: COOPID & the bioeconomy

COOPID addresses key issues in the bioeconomy

Meaningful participation of the primary sector in the bioeconomy is lacking

Currently, bioeconomy starts on the fields, yet meaningful participation of the primary sector is currently challenged: this is an issue COOPID is meant to address.

There are barriers to the uptake of sustainable bio-based business

COOPID project seeks to mobilise EU primary producers to stimulate the wide uptake of inclusive and sustainable bio-based business models in the European primary production sector & increase its competitivity.

The bioeconomy and the circular economy are still abstracts concepts

The EU primary sector struggles to identify successful business models and strategies to replicate. It is challenging to transform into an efficient, sustainable and circular business model in the bioeconomy.

What is the COOPID strategy?

COOPID will carry out a 4 level Knowledge Transfer Strategy to support the development of stronger bioeconomy business models within the European primary sector, conecting selected effective practices with active practitioners (primary produders) :

  • Level 1: business success stories selection and showcases organisation to selected primary producers-

  • Level 2: development of further workshops and activities among third primary producers

  • Level 3: interactive dissemination to primary producers, academia and industry

  • Level 4: communication activities to broader audiences.

Who participates in this strategy?

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