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COOPID EU Empowers Primary Producers with Successful Workshop Events

European Union-funded project supports sustainable agriculture practices, market access, and value chains for primary producers.
Madrid, Spain – The COOPID EU project, aimed at supporting primary producers in Europe and beyond, has concluded a series of successful workshop events started back in 2021.

Over the past few months, the project has organised more than 60 workshops that brought together more than 1,500 primary producers, experts, and other stakeholders to discuss topics such as sustainable agriculture practices, market access, and improving value chains. The content of the workshops was prepared based on 11 real success cases in Europe selected by the COOPID project: Oleícola El Tejar (Spain), Grand Est Bioeconomy Ecosystem (France), Caviro (Italy), Pindos (Greece), Victor Asenov (Bulgaria), Biogal (Poland), Pelletierung (Austria), Carbery (Ireland), Mollerup Brands (Denmark), Valio (Finland) and The Finnish Forest Centre (Finland).

The events were held both in-person and online, allowing participants from around the EU to connect and share their experiences and insights.

The workshops were organized and adapted to local needs and interests by the COOPID EU project consortium, which includes 10 EU countries. The project is funded by the European Union and aims to support primary producers in improving their competitiveness and sustainability in the circular economy.

We are delighted with the success of these workshops and the valuable insights and knowledge that have been shared”, said Susana Rivera (Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España), project coordinator of the COOPID EU project. “Through these events, we have been able to provide primary producers with key tools and resources to succeed in the bioeconomy.”

The workshops covered a range of topics, including sustainable agriculture practices, improving access to finance, and innovative circular strategies for various sectors (olive oil, hemp, dairy, main crops, vegetables, biogas, wood, wine, poultry, and forage crops…). Participants also had the opportunity to network and connect with other primary producers and organizations working in the agriculture sector.

We believe that supporting primary producers is essential for ensuring a sustainable and resilient food system in Europe and beyond”, said Irene Paredes, a representative from Innovarum in the COOPID EU consortium. “These workshops have been a valuable step in that direction, and we look forward to continuing our work to support primary producers in improving their competitiveness and sustainability.”

The COOPID EU project will continue to offer resources and support to primary producers interested in improving their competitiveness and sustainability. To celebrate the end of the COOPID project and showcase its results, COOPID is organising a final week of activities to foster debate about the engagement of the primary sector in the bioeconomy: the COOPID Bioeconomy Week, an official #EUGreenWeek Partner Event. The week’s highlight will be the COOPID Bioeconomy Conference in Brussels the 31st of May of 2023, where partners and relevant actors will provide recommendations to policymakers, academia, and primary sector stakeholders. For more information visit:

About the COOPID project

COOPID project is an EU-funded project, coordinated by Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España where 11 partners from 10 different countries take part. COOPID proposes an innovative and effective strategy to inspire primary producers and stimulate the uptake of inclusive and sustainable bio-based business models in the European primary production sector, considering regional & sectorial particularities.

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