Who are the #COOPIDAmbassadors?

Primary producersFarmersStakeholders in the agri-food sector

FarmersPrimar producersStakeholders

COOPID ambassadors are primary producers, generally part (but not necessarily) of the organisations belonging to the COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters. COOPID ambassadors are professionals active in the agri-food sector – farmers, primary producers and other relevant stakeholders – that have a deep interest in the bioeconomy, and want to:

  1. Learn from the current most successful organisations in the EU bioeconomy the key areas to tackle to make their own primary sector business an outstanding success.
  2. Become role models and examples for other primary producers and actors in the sector, being available and ready to share their knowledge and learnings with other primary producers in their network.

Meet the COOPID ambassadors