Who are the #COOPIDAmbassadors?

Primary producersFarmersStakeholders in the agri-food sector

FarmersPrimar producersStakeholders

COOPID ambassadors are primary producers, generally part (but not necessarily) of the organisations belonging to the COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters. COOPID ambassadors are professionals active in the agri-food sector – farmers, primary producers and other relevant stakeholders – that have a deep interest in the bioeconomy, and want to:

  1. Learn from the current most successful organisations in the EU bioeconomy the key areas to tackle to make their own primary sector business an outstanding success.
  2. Become role models and examples for other primary producers and actors in the sector, being available and ready to share their knowledge and learnings with other primary producers in their network.

Are you a good candidate to be a #COOPIDAmbassador?

COOPID Ambassadors will need to dedicate time to the COOPID project, thus, some aspects to consider are:

  1. You feel confident communicating in English and in the language of your home country.
  2. You have time to take part in visits to successful organisations across Europe.
  3. You are ready to support the organisation of workshops (local level events in your home country) to talk about your learnings in the visit to your network.
  4. You have time to participate in communication actions on social media and the project platforms.

Then, what does becoming a #COOPIDAmbassador involve?

65% of the trip expenses will be covered by the COOPID project if Ambassadors participate in STEP 3

90% of the trip expenses will be covered by the COOPID project if Ambassadors participate in STEP 2 and 3.

  • STEP 2 – After a visit takes place, COOPID ambassadors return home. Here, a COOPID project partner at a local level will organise a local workshop event about the visit with the support of the COOPID Ambassador, who will take part and invite their network to take part: other farmers and co-workers.
  • STEP 3 – COOPID Ambassadors share infographics, presentations, infographics on their webpages, email, social media… or printed copies to colleagues.

Now, is this for you?

If the answer is yes: you could be a great COOPID Ambassador! That said, if you do not have time to travel or to engage much and still would like to learn about what the project does and the key learnings from the visits: no problem, explore the materials and resources we are producing!

I have time and I am interested in becoming a COOPID ambassador!
I do not have time to engage as an ambassador, but I want to explore and learn from COOPID resources!

We are looking forward to connecting with you!