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New visits and dates confirmed! Stories from Italy and Poland on the radar, CAVIRO & BIOGAL

COOPID has defined the dates of the next showcase visits. In this case, the next organisations to be visited by the project will be CAVIRO in Italy and BIOGAL in Poland.

Dates and locations of the next showcase visits

The COOPID partner UNIBO will host a virtual visit to CAVIRO, a Italian winery cooperative with a innovative bioeconomy scheme for the winery industry byproducts. Then, IERIGZ-PIB, the COOPID Polish partner, will organise a face-to-face visit toPoland to showcase BIOGAL. BIOGAL valorises the manure from surrounding farms and food waste by digestion into biogas and organic fertilizers.

It is possible to check the calendar of all future events here:


How to participate in the visits?

To participate in the visits, you must be a COOPID ambassador. COOPID ambassadors are primary producers with interest in the bieconomy: as such, you are invited to visit the best success stories in the EU bioeconomy.

The aim of the visits is to understand how an organisation has transitioned to a circular, sustinable, and profitable bioeconomy business model. Then, COOPID ambassadors support the project goals by sharing with their peers what they learn through local events at their home country with their peers.

Learn about all the COOPID visits carried out!

Find Dissemination materials about the previously showcased stories in the COOPID interactive platform and the COOPID project website. The videos about the previous success stories showcased are available in the COOPID Youtube channel, check them out!

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