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Online showcase visit to Biogal: successful farm-based biogas production company

On the 24 of June 2022, COOPID Ambassadors visited online the polish farm-based biogas production company Biogal. Biogal was born in 2010, counts 35 employees and processes about 100,000 tons of biomass annually; utilising manure and food waste for the production of renewable energy and organic fertilisers.

About Biogal

Biogal is a major Polish processing company of biowaste coming from farms and the agri-food industry – for example, it processes and valorises expired food from different local sources. Biogal transforms bio-residues into energy, heat and natural fertilizers. In its valorisation process, Biogal differentiates itself from other competitors through specific technologies, more precisely: through its line for mechanical unpacking of expired food.

Its strategy is focused on meeting the needs of the local communities, making the most of the byproducts generated:

  1. It valorises manure/slurry from poultry farmers and pig producers.
  2. It produces fertilizers for farmers.
  3. It has created 60 local jobs.
  4. It produces low-cost heat and electricity available to local consumers, including the local church.

All in all, Biogal supports the economic and social development of the municipality.

Pictures & event details

The COOPID visit to the Polish success case gathered a total of 31 participants around the biogas production organisation. During the visit, the consortium, partners and ambassadors had the opportunity to discover the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (National Research Institute), the host of the visit before starting the visit to the facilities.

The president of Biogal welcomed the participants, introducing the company, its characteristics, its history and its activities. Then, the first part of visit started: the public discovered the site going through different activities that covered various topics such as logistic issues, residues management, stakeholders involvement, impact against climate change, and testimonies of the importance for the municipality or state aids.

In the second part of the visit, the host delivered a presentation about Polish policy in the field of the development of renewable energy sources, including biogas plants, the production of natural fertilizers and energy transition in Poland. All in all, the showcase visit to Biogal was an opportunity for the COOPID ambassadors from different countries to compare their biogas production units and their transition policy to the Polish ones.

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