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COOPID in the 8th congress of Agri-food Cooperatives Spain

Agri-food Cooperatives Spain organises the 8th congress of the cooperative the 30 of June and the first of July, gathering more than 700 members to discuss on the future of the agri-food sector; its challenges and the solutions cooperatives can offer to farmers and primary producers.

The congress takes places in Toledo (Spain) and its core topic is “Cooperatives, together for a sustainable future” . COOPID has been presented in poster session together with other relevant projects that foster sustainability, circularity & profitability in the EU primary sector.

The last session of the event will focus on the presentation of the strategic plan for cooperatives in the agri-food sector in Spain (Plan Estratégico del Cooperativismo Agroalimentario, PECOOP), a key roadmap document for the future of the agri-food value chain.

Programme of the event

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