311, 2022

Latests COOPID local workshops in 2022

November 3, 2022|COOPID local workshops|

COOPID workshops On the 31st of August, 19 people attended a workshop about the Biogal success story showcase, 12 of them primary producers. The workshop was held in Linz, Austria. Biogal is an enterprise producing biogas from pig and poultry manure in Poland. ...

809, 2022

World Agriculture Day

September 8, 2022|Articles & updates|

COOPID news COOPID infographics about the bioeconomy and the primary sector On the 9th of September, we celebrate World Agriculture Day (Día Mundial de la Agricultura). The agricultural sector is at the core of our societies, it puts food on our tables and provides ...


COOPID beleives in a sustainable primary sector. A sector where farmers across countries benefit and use the best and latest techniques to grow profitable business in the bioeconomy.

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